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Since our company was founded we've been fully aware that an enterprise's survival and development are based on its product quality and after service quality, so the focus is how to guarantee that. After realizing that ISO9001 is a scientific summary of industrial development for a few decades in developed countries and that the shortcut of effective utilization of resources is undoubtedly to follow such a summary, our company established a quality management system in accordance with the ISO9001 mode in early 2001.

The purpose of establishing such a quality management system is not to get a formal certificate but to implement it really in accordance with the ISO9001 system mode, to fulfill the core meaning of ISO9001: "write down what to be done, do what is written down and write down what has been done", and to focus on such seven procedures as purchase control, production process, unacceptable product control, corrective and preventive measures, contract review, customer relation and data analysis and processing to drive the whole system's operation.

The system's continual and effective operation is based on the employees' awareness of the system's function and the accuracy of its implementation. Therefore, every year our company carries out special training on the system and selects eligible employees to be cultivated as internal auditors, thus ensuring the system's total operation in the whole-staff aspect.

The system's operation is a process of continual improvement of the quality control level. Every year our company works out a quality objective carefully in accordance with mode requirements and breaks it down to each department, and the system's operation is checked and summarized by means of making full use of the two modes: management review and internal audit, for the purpose of improvement. The annual supervision and audit by experts from Quality Assurance Center of China Association for Quality is also a learning opportunity for better work in that aspect. Any defects and problems in the operation can be corrected in time. Therefore, the operation result of our quality management system has not only been recognized by relevant experts but also provided a basic guarantee for continual improvement of our product quality and after service quality.