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Since our company was founded, we've made efforts mainly in specialized production and scientific management for the purposes of guaranteed product quality and laying a foundation for our company's sustained development. Our methods mainly include the following:

I. Adhere to a concept of specialized production. In the beginning of our company's founding, there were great varieties of low-voltage electrical appliances produced by different enterprises in the market, but not many of them were breaker manufacturers representing leading technology. The breaker has a huge business potential in the low-voltage electrical appliance market due to its characteristics like multiple function and excellent performance. Moreover, its intelligent development trend contributes to a promising prospect. While closely centering on the principal line "specialized production", our company came up with the slogan "specialization makes us different". The company put huge investment in establishing a specialized production line from production of parts to assembly of finished products; in working out high-quality material purchase plans required by production of high-quality products; in introducing and cultivating a backbone team in production technology, quality and field management. The whole staff has only but one belief: we must be the strongest in the single breaker product field.

II. Establish a scientific management system and attach importance to the production field management. In long-term production practice, our company has come to realize that production of acceptable products can't go without a scientific production field management system. Therefore, our company has worked out a "MKM  Management Mode" while passing the ISO9001 certification, thus scientifically segmenting our business management, especially production field management, so that every employee's behaviors are conforming and reasonable. So far our production field management system has covered all production fields inside the company, including the production organization and command system, all production workshops and all production squads; and its contents have covered production field environment requirements, configuration of equipment and production lines, and use and layout of tooling. Our production of acceptable products is guaranteed thoroughly because we have a sound management system and such a system is executed effectively.

III. Build a technology-oriented team of production workers. Our company has all along been fully aware that product quality is from production workers but not from check, so the technology level of production workers is the key to the product quality level. As for that problem, our company has solved it in two aspects: first, the specialized and experienced backbone members are selected to serve as directors in all links of the production system so as to achieve specialized and knowledge-based organization, command, control and management of the company's production, to give effective instructions to production workers in daily production practice, and to find and solve problems in time; second, importance is attached to technical training for production workers so that they can learn different professional skills in accordance with production items. Besides, continual professional knowledge training is carried out for on-the-job employees apart from the practice that a recruit is not allowed to go on duty if not qualified after training, and corresponding policies have been made to encourage them to become the best or technical masters in their own professions.

For many years our company's product qualification ratio under first acceptance check has maintained above 96% in all production links. That proves that our company's concepts and methods have laid a solid foundation for production of acceptable products and also created favorable conditions for realizing scientific and specialized production management of a modern enterprise as soon as possible. It's believed that our company will make greater achievements through efforts of maintaining our personality and continuing innovation.