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  • MM18LE Series
    MM5LE series leakage circuit breaker is suitable in the AC circuit of 50Hz, rated voltage up to 415V, rated current 6A—63A to protect against leakage,electric shock, overload and short circuit. Users can add the protective function of overload voltage if they...
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  • MM5LE Series
    MM5LE-100 series breaker is suitable for the circuit line of AC 50Hz, rated voltage is 230/400V and rated current 63A-100A, and provides the protective function of earth leakage, overload and short circuit. The function also can be added according to the deman...
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  • MM6LE(DPN) Series
    MM6 mini circuit breaker is used in the single phase residual current of AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage 230V, rated current 6A—32A for protecting electron circuit from overload and short circuit. This product has advantages of high breaking capacity, and small v...
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  • SMCB65LE Series
    SMCB65LE series high breaking miniature leakage circuit breaker is assembled by leakage release and SMCB65 series MCB in factory or on scene. It is used in the single phase residence circuit of AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage 230V, used as electron shock protectio...
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