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1. Application

WINc intelligent MCCB have indication of overloading and system self-examine.
WINc intelligent MCCB have three-stage protection, which can be used in different circuitry.
WINc intelligent MCCB, the rated current initialization can be adjusted neatly and exactly. At the same time its short delay action multiple can be adjust.
Sum up, these points take a lot convenient to technicians and consumers.
WINc intelligent moulded case circuit breakers do not adopt the bimetal, which depend on heating to release. Breakers themselves reduce the wasting greatly.
WINc Intelligent Type MCCB is suitable for using in the circuit of AC 50Hz(or 60Hz, please make remarks when ordering), rated insulating voltage 750V,rated working voltage below 690V, and rated current is 16A to 1250A for distributing electric energy, and infrequently OFF/ON under normal condition.
The intelligent MCCB, which the rated frame rank current is 1250A and below, also can be used for infrequently switching and starting of squirrel cage motor and for protecting motor from over-load, short circuit and under-voltage.

2. Product

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