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  • HS-Ra
  • HS-Ra
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Matching Transmitter    HS-4    HS-6    
Technical Data                      
Outer Size(excluding antenna)              130×95×52mm
Weight(excluding batteries)                   500-550g
Power Supply                                        Variable(12~415V)
Operating Range                                    ≤100m
LED                                                        3
Frequency                                              422.4~438MHz
Response Time                                      0.0001s
Housing Material                                    PA66
Protection Degree                                  IP65
Operating and Storage Temperature     -30℃~+80℃
Transmitting Unit:
HS- 4
HS- 6
Power source of receiver: AC36V, AC110V, AC120V, AC220V, AC380V, AC/DC12V, AC/DC24V.