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MQ5 Series
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1. Application

MQ5 Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch Series (hereafter called as MQ5) is a kind of new automatic transfer switch gathered switch and logic controller,achieve mechanic and electricity turn into a integral whole. It is suitable for using in the distribution equipment in industry and business with rated insulating voltage up to 1000V, rated frequency 50Hz, rated voltage 660V, conventional heating current up to 3200A supplying for switch automatically of common power and reserve power in power system or switch automatically and safety isolation of two sets load device etc. It can be used for hospital, shop, bank, high building, coal mine, telecommunication, iron mine, superhighway, airport, industrial flowing water line and military installation etc. important situation where disallow power supply failure.
The switch is an operation device that various logic order is sent by control circuit board to managing electrical engine, then through gear box, arouses spring store energy, release instantaneously after deceleration. So that can make and break circuit quickly or make circuit transfer. By obvious state can achieve safety insulation.
The switch can achieve full-automatic, compulsory “0”, remote control, urgent manual-operation; while have lack phase examination and protection, under/over voltage examination and protection, frequency examination and protection and delay regulation, electric mechanism interlock etc. function The switch is the best choice of the same kind product with beautiful appearance, novel, simple and direct design, small volume, complete function.

2. Performance

3. Product