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MM7S Series
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1. Application

MM7S series Prepaid meter MCB( hereinafter called "circuit breakers") is came with delay shunt device, an external control special circuit breaker. It can be used for single phase or three phase terminal distribution system overload, short load fault protection and completely electric isolation, meanwhile it will establish sigal connection between prepayment meter or network watt-hour meter and circuit breakers, controlled by meter circuit or when sigal connection failure, circuit breakers cut down limit power supply automaticaaly.
1. According standard:IEC60989-95(Household and similar sites over current protection circuit breakers)
2.GB10963-89(Household and similar sites circuit breakers)
3. Company standard:ES-S250S-04(circuit breakers with delay shunt functions)
Rated current(In):6A、10A、16A、20A、25A、32A、40A、50A、63A、80A
Rated voltage (Un):AC230V/400V
Rated breaking capacity:6KA(6-63A);3KA(80A)
Breaking tripping characteristics:MM7SY-80 delay tripping Ue230V, when operating 0.5s<t<2s,Repeated operation interval time 3min ;
Mechanical life:2000 times circulate
Electrical life :more than 4000times
Tripping characteristics:C、D
Working temperature:-5℃—+40℃
Relative humidity :+20℃ shoudl not higher than 95%;+40℃ shoudl not higher than 50%
Working range:(80%—110%)Un
Delay operating time T:0.5s Reseting time:≤30s
Signal connect lead wire:sectional area:0.3mm2
Length:300mm(Special delivery for other length), both ends with connector lug which pressure welded.

2. Main Technical Performance Index

3. Product