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MM18(C45) Series
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1. Application

MM18 mini circuit breaker has novel structure, reliable performance, high breaking capability, pleasing outlook and small size, its case and items are adopted by high fire-resistant an shockproof plastics. It mainly used in the building office, house and similar building for illumination at AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage below 400V, rated current 6A-63A. It is used in the distribution circuit and equipment overload, short circuit protection. It can be used for unfrequent switch over of the circuit under conditions. This product conforms to the requirement of IEC 60898 & GB 10963 standards.
External accessory: alarm, auxiliary, shunt+ auxiliary, under voltage, overload voltage
Function:overload, short circuit, earth leakage protection
Usage:used for distributing and protecting motorBreaking capacity: 4500, 6000
Number of poles:1. 2. 3. 4poles
Standards:comply with IEC 60898, GB 10963.1 GB16917.1

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3. Product