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MM1-100L Series
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1. Application

Molded Case Circuit Breakers MM1 series (hereinafter called as MM1 MCCB) is a new designed MCCB, developed and manufactured adopting international advanced technology. MM1 MCCB rated insulating voltage AC 800V is suitable for using in the circuit of AC 50Hz /60Hz, rated voltage up to 690V (and below DC250V). Rated working current 10A-1600A, It can be used for infrequently switch and starting of motor , protect the line and the equipment from being damaged due to overload, short current and under-voltage
Internal accessory:shunt release, under voltage release, auxiliary contact, alarm contacts and open-phase protection release
Eternal accessory:power-driven operation mechanism, turning handle operation mechanismThe wiring Method has four ways: wiring in front of the board, wiringon back of the board, insertion type in front of the board and insertion type on back of the board.
Installation method:vertically installed and horizontal installed
Breaking capacity:Basic type( C ) , standard type (L), middle type (M) , high type(H)
Arc distance:short arc , long arc
Outside:small volume, white and black outside, pleasing shape
Poles: 2, 3, 4
Frame current:63、100、225、400、630、800、1250、1600
Products current:6、10、16、20、25、32、40、50、63、80、100、125、140、160、180、200、225、250、315、400、500、630、700、800、1000、1250、1400、1600A
Standard:ICE60947-2 GB14048.2

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3. Product