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MCPS Series
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1. Application

MCPS is suitable for pumps, fans, air conditions and fire control lighting and so on electronic control system of modernization drive. Metallurgy, coal mine, steel,petrifaction, port, ship, railway, textile and so on area motor control and protection. motor control center(MCC) specially intelligence electric control system or high breaking MGC( request Ics up to 80KA distribution control system), factory or plant single motor control and protection, and remote control lighting system etc.
MCPS control and protection switch electrics mainly used for AC50Ha(60Hz), rated voltage to 690V, current from 0.16A to 100A, connecting, loading and breakng specified overload current which under normal conditions , and can be able to connecting, loading and breaking current under abnormal conditions( such as short circuit current). MCPS can comprehensive measure parameters, executing to protect mechanism,also can be used as integrated sensor

2. Main Technical Parameter

3. Product