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M3TF Series
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1. Application

M3TF(CJX1) series AC contactor, it is mainly used for AC50HZ or 60Hz, rated insulating voltage is 660V-1000C, under AC-3 use type conditions, working voltage is 380V, rated working current is 9A-400A. it is used for long distance connecting and breaking and suitable for contrl the starting, stop and rotary of AC motor. It is comply with IEC60947-4-1,GB14048.4 standards.

2. Main features

Total instruction
contactor is a direct-acting mechanism of double contact point, have 3 teams normal open contact, auxiliary contact have 2NO2NC. The contact support parts and gag bit adopt spring lock and connection, clear weakness. Flexible action mechanism, easy manual check, compact mechanism design can prevent dusty into action parts. The terminal have proof cover, hand can not touch the position which have electric. Small contactor, small installation area, guide rails assembling, fixed with screw, compared with other similar products, its operation frequency and control volume is higher.
Security products, well reliability, is a international advanced contactor.
Contact system
Main, auxiliary contact material is make up of silver alloy with superior electric performance, long use life and reliability contact. Arc chute sealed, and fire resistance material prevent voltaic arc surface flash forth, Ie ≤ 22A without are flash barrier, Ie≥32A with metal flash barrier. Make sure security of body and nearby electrical. Terminal screw adopts new type screw, segment mat and screw no separated can save the line.
Magnet system
Magnet system working reliably, small damage, low noisy and high mechanism strength, the terminal of diagram have the mark of voltage specification, tally class have special color, clear and markedness, can avoid coil burned when mistake voltage specification.

3. Main Technical Performance Index

4. Product